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Knee Binding

Knee Carbon 14

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Women's Knee Carbon 14 by Knee Binding

The top of the line KneeBinding provides all the additional performance and protection features with a more aggressive retention range (5 to 14), wrapped up in a shell of blended industrial resins and hi-tech carbon fibers for additional stiffness, toughness, and slightly less weight. Like all KneeBindings, they are manufactured in the USA for world-class retention and legendary control/performance on any terrain or conditions for the ultimate in confidence. Manufactured in the USA.


  • Traditional bindings feature 2 areas of release: sideways toe release in the front of the boot and vertical or forward heel release at the back of the boot Knee bindings offer an additional dimension of sideways release in the heel, reducing the chances of strains and tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  •  Resin and stainless-steel components offer high durability, excellent energy transfer and light weight Components are blended with carbon fiber to increase stiffness and maximize responsiveness
  • Mounting system is designed to work with the natural flex of your skis and to reduce unwanted release
  • Hard, flat boot platforms efficiently transfer pressure from edge to edge, and toe-height adjustment eliminates play Wide mounting platform enhances leverage on today's wide skis