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Ski Helmets + Goggles

What’s warm, stops the wind, sometimes plays music and cheaper than brain surgery?  That’s right, a ski helmet.  Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re one of the the majority of skiers and riders that do wear a helmet.  If not what are you waiting for?  It's not about you you're a great skier snowboarder. It's about all the other obstacles out there. All the other skiers and snowboarders that aren't as great as you.You're going fast aided by gravity when your on your skis or snowboard sliding on the snow and obstacles are all over the place.   Helmets just make sense. Now that we've got that covered, there are so many helmet options to choose from. all of our helmets are designed specifically for women. They come in a variety of sizes colors and designs.  most helmets are lines so they're comfortable. And these days they have soft ear pieces, so hearing is not a problem at all. Helmets usually have vents that open and close on the top so if you're hot you can let the air escape and if you're cold you can keep the air out. Most helmets are often micro adjustable as well,  so you can really dial in the fit. When a helmet fits properly if you move or shake your head the helmet should move with it as opposed to your head moving within the helmet.