Demo Day

COVID updates - Women's Demo Days

While we all eagerly await the return to normalcy that will enable, the return of our regularly scheduled women's demo days; we are pleased to announce a modified COVID friendly Demo Day opportunity.  On Thursday March 11th, outdoor DIVAS will conduct a Women's Demo Day in front of our Vail, CO store. While this event will differ from our previous events, it will allow a great opportunity to try a variety of the top women's skis with guidance and recommendations from our team of experts.  In order to offer a safe event and comply with state and local regulations, pre-registration will be required and attendance will be limited.  For more information or to register online please follow the link below.

Women's Ski Demo Day - March 11th, Vail, CO


You've found us, the only women's ski shop in the country, maybe even the world.  Our founding principle is that women are not small men. We incorporate this idea into everything we do from finding the right ski pants, to the perfect fitting ski boots. At our Vail, Colorado location we specialize in solving women’s ski equipment issues and offering an alternative to the normal ski rental process.  In addition to our in-store women's ski rentals, we offer a series of women's on snow demo days at Vail and Loveland Ski Area.  We take our entire collection of skis to the base of select mountains, to allow you to try a variety of women's skis on the same day, in the same conditions, on the same run.  Our team of ski experts guides you through the skis, based on what you like and dislike.  It is definitely the best way to find skis that you love.  We know, because we've been doing this for over ten years.  Take a peek at our skis.  We will bring most of the skis listed to our free demo days.  Ditch the dude fest, and come demo with us.  See you on the hill.