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Mittens + Gloves

 Are you a mitten person, or a glove person?  Either way, if you're outside when it's cold, you need something that's effective and performs as it should, keeping your hands warm and dry as they act as a barrier from the outdoor elements. Our women's gloves and mittens do just that.  Have you ever wondered how women's gloves should fit? Our outdoor DIVAS women's accessory experts recommend your gloves and mittens are snug, but not tight.  They say you want your fingers and thumbs close to the end of the glove or mitten  but not touching.  You want a bit of room so the air inside the glove or mitten can act as insulation around your hand.  However too much room, or too much air in the women's glove or women's  mitten can result in cold hands since the hands may not generate enough heat to warm that air. If you're one of the women that suffer from cold hands regardless of the fit of your mitten or glove, you may want to look into heated gloves.  We love this solution.  While expensive, if you're hands are always freezing, and you know who you are,  the battery powered heated women's mittens are undoubtedly worth it.