Running Bottoms

What's the best way to run like a girl? And women's running apparel. all running bottoms are not created equal. There are running tights. They're running capris. They're running ankle tights. They're running shorts. There are running skirts.  There are running dresses. No kidding there's a wide variety of things to run in. You might like something from Brooks or Oiselle or Skirt Sports or Prana. There are as many fits as there are brands and will carry things from extra small to extra extra large.  We think that running bottoms are important. sometimes as important as the Run itself. One-trick will use for motivation, get home from work and immediately put on your running tights you're running top and your running shoes. We know how hard it is to get motivated some days, especially if it's a long day on the job, and all you want to do is sit on the sofa. But  once you put your running stuff on, sitting on the sofa doesn't seem like a very good idea. And sometimes, it makes it easier get out the door. And we know that off and getting out the door is the hardest part. The easiest part is shopping for new running gear. Run like a girl.

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