KASTLE Skis Built for Skiers

KASTLE Skis Built for Skiers

Posted by Lauren on Oct 11th 2018


Skis built for skiers. That is how we like to describe Kastle skis to our customers. As a women’s specific ski shop, we focus on carrying the best women’s specific ski models on the market. So why would we bother to carry a brand that doesn’t make a women’s specific model? Because. They are that good. 90 Years of ski industry experience is funneled into their ski design process. Kastle never wastes time or money on gimmicks or the latest ski industry trend. They focus on building the best performing skis for people who know how to ski, men and women alike. They are not trying to appeal to the masses. They know their market, and they want their customers to be wowed by their product.We think they nail it. 

While Kastle might not be the right choice for a true beginner, they are able to appeal to a wide range of ski abilities and terrain preferences through their different series. At outdoor DIVAS, we feel that the LX, MX and FX series are a good fit for our female clientele that mostly ski here in Colorado. Each series has its own characteristics and fits a certain skier profile. Our most popular models come out of the LX series. LX stands for “Light Cross”, it makes sense that this works well for women who generally benefit from a slightly lighter construction. Even though Kastle reduces the weight in this series by 30% performance is not sacrificed. Skiers still get an extremely stable, responsive ski, in a slightly less aggressive, lighter package. For our more adventurous customers who seek out a true all-mountain experience we find the FX series is the best fit. The FX series still is constructed with weight in mind but feature a slightly bigger turn radius and a rocker profile more suited to softer snow conditions. At the top end of the Kastle spectrum is the MX series. These skis are uncompromising when it comes to performance. They demand a confident skier but reward you with a stable, powerful ride. We find any woman who has ski raced in the past find the MX series the most thrilling as it is really, a more refined race ski. 

Kastle makes products that can fit just about any skier. Since we do see significant value in women’s specific design concepts, we do recommend an adjustment on the mounting position for most of their models. If you make it into the shop to demo any of these skis, our demo skis have been mounted taking this into account. We highly recommend getting out on the Kastle that is right for your needs. We feel you, like us, will have a tough time skiing anything else afterwards!