Diva Jersey Gka Slvless

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Women's outdoor DIVAS  Diva Jersey Gka Slvless

The outdoor DIVAS Girls Kick Ass Sleeveless Cycling Jersey will help you ride like a girl and kick ass on the road. Designed to keep your body temperature low as you work up a sweat, this sleeveless cycling jersey wicks and disperses moisture from the surface of the skin, causing it to the evaporate. The jersey boasts a plaited double knit fabric with mesh sides and a smooth back that is soft to the touch. Similar to the Outdoor DIVAS Girls Kick Ass Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey, the sleeveless style is full zip in a DIVAS-inspired print, adding a splash of color to any bike ride that'll truly turn heads and help you rack up the miles on the road. 100% polyester Full Zip *Runs a size small*