Mach1 LV Pro

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Mach1 LV Pro by Tecnica

Filtered down directly from the industry leading Women to Women project comes the Mach1 LV Pro. This boot is crafted for women who want top end control as well as top end comfort. Often aggressive female skiers end up in cold, unforgiving plug boots in order to find the level of performance they desire but this is not the case with the LV Pro. Skiers will find they can rely on this boot to be super responsive and offer a precise but not confining fit. On top of the preformance this boot offers it comes with a few creature comforts like a warm celliant liner and a C.A.S shell that can be easily manipulated to give you a bit more room around chronic pain areas, including the upper cuff.

  • 98mm (narrow) last
  • 14 degree forward lean
  • Dual oversize cuff alignment