Low Rubber Boot

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Women's Glerups  LOW RUBBER BOOT

Glerups are the perfect combination between a slipper and a boot.  Constructed from natural 100% wool, and natural rubber sole, wear the Glerups low boot around the house as a slipper, or out and about during the day.  You feet will thank you the second they slide into the Glerups.  We recommend you were them without socks.  They feel great, and wool is a natural odor deterrent and moisture manager so they're perfect next to skin. Due to the nature of the wool, the Glerups may shed fibers, but don't worry, this is natural and you'll just need to pull those fibers off.
The wool  in the Glerups isis self cleaning, however if you feel the need to wash them, put them in the washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle.  When they are done, slip them on and mold to your feet.  Take your feet out and let them air dry.  

  • 100% natural wool
  • Natural rubber outsole
  • Made in the EU