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Women's Scarpa  BOOSTIC
The latest in a string of masterpieces by rock shoe designer Heinz Mariacher, the Boostic is a professional tool intended to perform at the highest levels of the sport, in vertical to overhanging terrain where precision toe power and edging is crucial. Because of its stretchable, sock-like upper, the downturned Boostic slips on snugly, and can accommodate a wide variety of foot types for a precise fit. The two hook-and-loop tab closures augment the structural integrity, securing the foot for high power performance, yet simultaneously retaining slipper-like sensitivity for more delicate moves. Mapping Microssuede and leather into different areas in the uppers creates a shoe designed to work with the foot, allowing dynamic movement while climbing, and also maintaining the shoe's precision fit over its lifetime.
Built for maximum toe power for steep vert or overhangs.
Floating closure straps accommodate all foot shapes.
Special soft rubber, high friction toe patch for toe hooking.
Precise heel fit and sticky rubber for exceptional heel hooking.
Vibram XS Edge provides incredible grip and durability.